Troubleshooting: Setek SE-01

Are you troubled by Setek SE-01 setup issues? Is your Setek extender not connecting? Or are you getting a poor internet connection after using the wireless range extender? If any of these issues are giving you trouble, then this web page will help you. We have addressed the most common issues with Setek WiFi range extenders. Although we have taken Setek SE-01 as a reference, the troubleshooting steps remain the same for any other Setek extender model.

Unable to Complete Setek SE-01 Setup?

Setek Extender Not Connecting?

WiFi Extender SE-01 is Not Working?

Getting Poor Internet Signal from Extender?

Setek Extender WiFi is Not Stable?

Extender Does Not connect to 5 GHz Network?

In most of the troubleshooting hacks given above, we have mentioned performing Setek SE-01 reset. For your assistance, we are providing steps to execute the reset process below:

Setek SE-01 Reset: Instructions

  • Disconnect the extender from the router.
  • Connect the power adapter of the extender to the power socket.
  • Wait till the light turn stable.
  • Locate a button/ hole labeled Reset on your extender.
  • Press it gently. If it is a hole, then use a paper clip to press it for at least 30 seconds.
  • Your Setek extender is reset and is now running on the factory values.
Setek SE-01 Reset

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